we are very happy to announce a huge update available for ReptiWare, We have spent the better part of the past year adding many new modules and integrating these modules to all work with each other, adding new capabilities, design changes, many bugs squashed and months of beta testing. We couldn’t possibly list all the great new changes made here but to name a few see below and please don’t forget to like, follow and share us on Facebook and Twitter :)

What’s New? A Heck Of A Lot!


Modules that appear in menu

  • Contacts Module

  • Companies Module

  • Sales Orders Module

  • Sales Invoices Module

  • Receipts Module

  • Shipping Module

  • Locations Module

  • Tasks Module

Modules that are accessed through other modules

  • Sales Accounts Module

  • Communications Module

  • Documents Module

  • Addresses Module

  • and more…

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  • New custom fields for Storage module

  • More printouts available throughout the modules

  • Attach files to records in most modules

  • Create user accounts for your employees/team members 

  • Manage reptile expenses from within the Reptile module

  • Record temperatures of enclosures in Reptile module

  • UP/DOWN keys work with listviews

  • The ability to select the order in which data is displayed in the feeding / shedding reports

  • New bulk feed operations/design

  • Link morphs to species for easier filtering

  • and more…

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ReptiWare Husbandry Sales Flow Timeline

ReptiWare has a new tab in the Reptiles module that will now link together the sales flow modules so you can see exactly where in the sales process any given reptile is. This tool will help you get a visual of what needs to be done to finish the sale of a reptile as well as give you reference links to each of those modules.

ReptiWare Husbandry List View

Listviews in ReptiWare now has had some improvements made with extended widths of fields as well as the use of UP/DOWN arrows and Enter/Return to select a record. It’s the little things that count.

ReptiWare Husbandry Thumbnail View

Not a new feature in this release but a feature worth mentioning in case you have missed it, ReptiWare has a thumb view so you can see up to 18 reptiles with images at a time and filter through the results.

ReptiWare Husbandry Retail Details

Retail information has now been moved down into the new “Retail” tab on the Reptiles module. Here you can record the cost you paid for any reptile and set a price for any reptiles being sold. Other information such as buyer and date sold will be populated after the sales process is completed.

ReptiWare Husbandry Tasks Module

With the new Tasks module you can set up a task for yourself or for your employees, the task can be scheduled and employees can review their task from their profile in the Contacts module.

ReptiWare Husbandry Tasks Details

When creating a new task you can assign the main person to be responsible to see that task is completed as well as assign a team of employees to work together and complete the task faster.

ReptiWare Husbandry Tasks Resource Bookings

Booking resources in a task will let you know which resources are currently being used whether the resource is a person, a product or a location.

ReptiWare Husbandry Enclosure Equipment

The Storage module had some improvements made to it, One improvement being you can now record expenses for enclosures such as heat tape, lamps, bulbs, decorations, etc… If the items recorded are selected from the Products module and has stock tracking enabled this will be reflected the available stock summary.

ReptiWare Husbandry Sales Orders

sales orders are the start of the sales flow for a reptile or product. In this new module, you will find several useful features that will aid you in the quick sale of your reptiles, Sales orders module is integrated to work with the Products module as well as the Reptiles module.

ReptiWare Husbandry Sales Order Related Invoices

In Sales order module you can quickly with a click generate an invoice or multiple part invoices for any given order and print to give to your customers in person or print as PDF and then email it to your customers.

ReptiWare Husbandry Sales Order Line Entry

Adding items to your sales order is a piece of cake! Simply click on either “Line Entry” tab and select a product code or click the “Text Entry” tab and manually fill in the details. In line entry view you can also switch between standard view and stock view to see the available stock of any given product with stock tracking enabled without having to leave to go to the Products module.

ReptiWare Husbandry Sales Order Line Entry

You can also override the pricing fields that are automatically populated if you wish and view any items that may have been shipped.

ReptiWare Husbandry Sales Order Product Picker

The product code picker brings up all active products including any reptiles that are for sale and linked to a product record. from here you can use filters to narrow your results of products.

ReptiWare Husbandry Sales Order Product Picker Stock Tracking

You can easily see the available stock on hand when choosing a product for a sales order, sales invoice and shipping record.

ReptiWare Husbandry Sales Account Alert

Depending on your preferences setup you can receive a warning when a customers account is over its limit if it has a limit or if the customer has not been approved for a sales account. ReptiWare will prevent items from being shipped until any outstanding invoices are paid either in full or until the balance owing is under the defined sales account limit. 

ReptiWare Husbandry Sales Account Limits

Each company or Contact can have a sales account and can all have its own set limit and terms. If you want all customers to pay in full before shipping goods then set the limit to $0.00, if you wish some accounts to have no limit just leave the limit fields empty.

ReptiWare Husbandry Sales Order Part Shipping

When shipping items you can ship in multiple parts and ReptiWare will keep track of what you still have to send out when you are available to do so. This is handy especially if you are drop shipping (Yes it can do that too) and some of the items purchased may be on backorder, Once they are in you can update the shipping record accordingly.

ReptiWare Husbandry Sales Order Commissions

Do you give your employees a commission on sales? With ReptiWare this is very easy to set up, each sales order or invoice can be set up to give commission to any user, these settings can be applied in the “Other” tab on Sales orders module or Invoices module as well can be predefined in the Contacts module “Other” tab. 

ReptiWare Husbandry Locations Module

Locations module is very flexible and can be thought of in a few ways, you can think of locations as multiple storefronts you may operate or as treat locations as different floors in your facility or maybe different rooms. Commonly locations are used to know where your Products stock is located and when stock for a product is adjusted it will take from the appropriate location reflect that in the accounting. You can also use locations in all of the ways mentioned above together and each location can be set to be “Bookable” as a resource. a few other possibilities for locations can be trailers that hold your inventory or maybe a room you use to host children’s birthday parties.

ReptiWare Husbandry Companies Module

The Companies module serves more than a couple of purposes, it can group multiple contacts to a specific company, keep track of your customers as well as your suppliers. You can create a sales account for any given company, assign new contacts or existing contacts, give specific or discounted prices to a company, views sales orders, invoices, shipping history. As a supplier, you can review all products supplied by a specific supplier record within the Companies module and even record your own sales account terms for any given supplier.

ReptiWare Husbandry Contacts Module

Contacts module also serves multiple purposes, here you can keep records on all your customers as well as your employees. Your employees can have their own login credentials as well as access privileges and a few other personal settings that will override the settings set up in Preferences.

ReptiWare Husbandry Setting User Preferences In Contacts Module

Here are some basic settings that can set for each individual employee, settings here override settings in Preferences.

ReptiWare Husbandry Setting Login Credentials In Contacts Module

More settings for employees that allow you to create the user’s personal login username and password, identity (more on that below) and SMTP configuration.

ReptiWare Husbandry Product Stock Tracking

Here you can choose to stock track a product and also track by individual units and/or batches. Choose whether to enter serial numbers manually or have ReptiWare generate the serial numbers automatically for you.

ReptiWare Husbandry Product Stock Tracking Summary Breakdown

Product stock tracking is crucial when you own a storefront or a store online, knowing what you have on hand and where the items are located will save time and prevent errors in your day to day work.

ReptiWare Husbandry Purchase Orders Module

Purchase orders are created to restock the quantities of your items in the Products module and can be created from numerous areas in the Products module as well. Purchase orders can be tracked by shipping records as well as be received in part and in full. This module also records any invoices you may have from your supplier.

ReptiWare Husbandry Purchase Orders Line Entry Details

Creating a purchase order is very simple, either done by the Products module in the “Purchasing” tab or from scratch in the Purchases module, simply create a new record, select which supplier you are placing an order from and then on the line entry tab select a product code for everything you are ordering and the correct quantities. Once the order is in mark the items as received and the stock will automatically be added to the Products module for product records that track stock.

ReptiWare Husbandry Receipts Module

receipts can be recorded to pay off invoices and balance customer sales accounts. creating them is simple, add a new record, select the customer who is paying, enter the amount paid, then you can use the amount paid to pay off any given invoice with a click or spread it across multiple unpaid balances, however you want to do it. 

ReptiWare Husbandry Customizing Auto Sequence Reference ID's

Need to customize your reference ID’s? Preferences > General Setup > Auto Sequencing is the place to do it.

ReptiWare Husbandry Managing Modules In Preferences

If you haven’t caught on yet, The term “modules” is referring to the menu items in the header of ReptiWare, in Preferences > General Setup > Modules you can enable/disable and even reorder the modules. Disabling a module will not completely remove access to it through other areas in the app but will remove it from the main navigation.

ReptiWare Husbandry Managing List Values In Preferences

Preferences > List Values is where you set up all customizable dropdown list. There are only a few select dropdown lists that are fixed to the values they hold and cannot be changed, the rest can be modified here.

ReptiWare Husbandry Managing Company Details In Preferences

In Preferences > My Company you can set up your company details, Companies are default referred to as identities and can be used in multiple ways depending on your needs. You can create more than one company if you run multiple businesses, or use the Identities as store locations, Departments in your company. Different identities can be linked to various records within other modules.

ReptiWare Husbandry Managing Access Privileges In Preferences

Access privileges are perfect for allowing some employees more control in ReptiWare than others, maybe you want to only grant some limited access to new hires, this is easily done by creating a new access group, check off the boxes you want to grant access to and then in the Contacts module under the “User Prefs” tab assign that new hire to the access group just created.

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