This update has been jam-packed with bug fixes and new features, we have made some internal changes as well that will aid us in pushing out more frequent updates going forward.

Check Out What’s New In This Version

A Few New Features

  • Reptile Growth History Report.

  • Reptile Enclosure Maintenance Report.

  • Reptile Enclosure Temp/UV/Humidity Report.

  • Printable Reptile Genetic Lineage & Certificate.

  • Quickly Create Reptile Records From Clutch/Litter.

  • Track Female Follicle Size In Projects.
  • HerperPro -> ReptiWare Migration.

  • Attach Documents To Reptile Records.
  • Note The Feeding Method When Feeding Reptiles.
  • Mark Species With Flag Who Birth Live Offspring.

  • Many Bug Fixes And Overall Improvements.

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Much of ReptiWare’s features were suggestions of users just like you, we love hearing from you all and to bring your ideas and needs to reality.

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