ReptiWare v1.0.9 comes with a few bug fixes as well as many new features such as the ability to convert feeders, set feeding Offset, new printouts, and much more. You can view the full details of what’s new in version 1.0.9 in our changelog


You can now convert your life feeders to a larger size or add to your frozen thawed stock and ReptiWare will keep track of it with Inventory Control.

ReptiWare Feeder converter
New design for manual feedings


The manual feeding screen for ReptiWare has had a facelift and you can now set a feeding offset duration when a reptile has refused or dropped its feeder. The offset duration changes the default “Next Feed Date” to remind you to try and feed your reptile again rather than waiting until the next regular feed date.


A new UI isn’t all that is new here, reptile storage can now be created faster than before with pre-defined racks from popular brands with more to be added in the future. We have improved the storage assigning dialog to better display the storage options in order of grouped by Rack/Stack.


Do you have reptiles that go through brumation periods? Now you can put your reptiles into brumation for a set period of days and have those reptiles excluded from your feedings due list, reports, and printouts.


A few more noteworthy mentions are that we added Dymo label printing options, a couple of new every-label templates, a checkbox field to indicate when morphs consist of Incomplete-Dominant traits and we also some new quick finds. View the complete list of bug fixes and improvements by checking out the changelog

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