Companies Overview

The companies module stores company records, either suppliers or customers. A company can be either or both simply by ticking the checkbox for the option required.

A company record doesn’t need to have a contact, but if you have a contact already on the system who is also the contact for the company a link can be established simply by clicking on the cross on the header next to “contacts for this company”. Select “existing” on the popup and a further list box will pop up where you can select the contact.

Additional addresses, dedicated pricing structure and products are set up for customers are set up the same way as the contacts module. All associated sales orders, delivery notes, and documents are logged under the corresponding tabs.

The sales acc tab logs all the invoices associated with the company, and the credit account can be set up via the created account in the same way as a contacts account.

If the company is a supplier, four additional tabs are displayed as shown in the image above. Products tab lists all the items that are purchased from this supplier, along with any other products that are not stocked. The Suppliers PO’s tab logs all purchase orders associated with the company, with the shipping tab logging all associated delivery notes. You can also set the carrier the supplier uses under this tab. Finally, the Purchase Acc tab logs all the associated invoices from the company for goods you have purchased.

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