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This section is really applicable if you are running a business, or selling reptiles. If you are keeping a reptile as a pet or have no intention of breeding reptiles then this section can be skipped and left as default

Available Options

  • Custom Fields – There are 3 custom fields available for use in the Products module. As in other modules we have included these just in case you have a specific item you wish to record which has not already been covered. Here you can enter the label text for each of those fields.

  • Purchase Tax Code – Used on sales orders and invoices.
  • Sales Tax Code – Used on sales orders and invoices.
  • Default Markup – The default markup can also be overwritten on each Product/Service record within the Products module.
  • Stock / Inventory Related – Select the option to use sales orders or sales invoices to record the stock sold.
  • Tracking of stock – Place a tick in the option to track stock quantities if you wish to maintain stock levels and track movements. If you also wish to track individual serialized items then place a tick in the next checkbox.

    If you send items in batches then enable the next checkbox

    If you have multiple locations then enable tracking of stock across all locations by placing a tick in this checkbox

    Leave the option to use calculations to update stock enabled, unless the update takes a long time, in which case un-check this option.

  • Product Code – The default is manual entry. This allows you to specify your own SKU product codes for the items you sell.
  • Code Selection – Default to filter view unless you have thousands of products in which case select find view.
  • Customer Price List Related – Select the option to include your logo, company name, and subheading (address, etc as defined in the “My Company” section), and type in any text that you wish to appear at the foot of the customers’ pricelist.
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