Projects Overview

The Projects module is used to record all your breeding projects.
Navigate to the Project module. You will be presented with a blank screen with the “Add New Record” button in the middle. Clicking on the button results in a pop up prompting you to select if the project results in a clutch of eggs or litter. The first thing to do is select the sire and dame by clicking in the selection box and selecting the reptile from the resulting popup.

The lower section of the screen has four tabs (clutch is replaced by litter based on the selection entered). By default, the pairing tab is highlighted.
On the header, there is the “select event” dropdown list. This list contains events in a logical order, introduction, courting, copulation, and removal. Select the first option and then click the cross next to the list box to insert it into the panel below.

Repeat this for any additional events observed. Multiple entries can be logged.

The same process is repeated under the cycle tab, selecting events such as ovulation and pre-lay shed. Again the same process is repeated for the clutch or litter tab, however, on this section, you can enter data on the number of an egg laid and litter produced.

You will also notice that the timeline at the top of the page progresses as the project advances. Click on the complete button when the project has finished. Details of the breeding project will be recorded under the breeding tab of each reptile. The pre-ovulation and pre-lay shed dates are also logged under the dames shedding record. Printable breeding reports can be found under options.

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