Sales Orders Overview

Any sale of a stock item starts with the raising of a sales order. The pre-requisite is that the customer is set up as a contact or company.

Select Orders from the main module navigation bar. Initially, for the first order, you will be presented with a blank page with the “add new” button. Once this has been clicked on a blank sales order will be raised.

Click on the relevant list icon to either select the company or the contact from the resulting popup list.

The data entry will default to either line entry or text entry depending on the setting chosen in the preferences

Click the plus to the right of “details” to create a product entry. Click the arrow at the far left of the line entry and a list box will pop up containing all items that are socked – select the item to be sold, and the list box will close and the line entry added to the sales order. By default, the quantity is set to 1, but this can simply be typed over with the required number if more than 1 of the product is required.

At this point, the stock tracking in the product module reflects the quantity on order and adjusts the number remaining available. Once the order has been picked, packed and despatched, the order status can be set to complete and an invoice raised by selecting the ship/invoice tab in the orders module. Depending on the option set in the preferences you can create a full shipment / full invoice, or have the shipping note automatically generated when the invoice is raised. Click on the “create a full invoice” button if the order is completely fulfilled, a popup will ask you if you want to create a shipping record. Selecting yes will change the status of the order to complete, raise a delivery record and set it’s status to shipped, and raise an invoice that will have an “invoiced” status.

The stock status in the products module updates and a record of the stock movement logged in the history panel.

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