Products Overview

Having set up a supplier you can set up the inventory. Select the product module and click on the “add new” button. You will be presented with a popup asking for a product SKU code and once entered press OK which generates the new record. Fill in the name and description fields and add the pricing details. Under the panel with the header “suppliers for this item” click the right arrow on the first line, and from the resulting popup select the supplier. If you have an image for the item this can be added by clicking the cross to the right of “default image” on the panel below. Navigate to the image you wish to use.

Click on the purchasing tab and click on the plus to the right of “purchase orders for this item”. This will jump out to the purchase module and create a pre-filled purchase order. Enter the quantity that you are purchasing. When the goods are received go to the purchase order and click on the shipping / received tab. Enter the amount received in the resulting popup. This will change the purchase order status to “received”.
The items are placed into stock and under the general tab of the product module the stock level is displayed and an entry in the items history/movement panel is logged.

The pricing tab allows for different pricing options to be set up, such as a retail price or trade price. You can also set up price breaks for quantity discounts.

Orders, Shipping and Invoice tabs list all the respectively associated records for this item.

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