Preferences > Sales Invoices

This option is applicable if you are running a business, or selling reptiles. If you are keeping a reptile as a pet or have no intention of breeding reptiles then this section can be skipped and left as default.

Available Options

  • Custom Fields – There are 3 custom fields available for use in the Invoices module. As in other modules we have included these just in case you have a specific item you wish to record which has not already been covered. Here you can enter the label text for each of those fields.

  • Default Entry – This sets the default tab of the invoice module when inputting data, either line entry or manual text entry. The default is line entry.
  • Auto Ship – Create a shipping note from a new invoice.
  • Comments – Enter any messages at the foot of the invoices.
  • Commission Related – Select the option to pay commission based on either the sales amount or the profit made.
  • Details on Documents – Select options that get printed on the invoices such as color logo, company name, and address, document title, product descriptions, etc. Place a tick in the checkbox to enable the desired options.
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