Contacts Overview

The contact module stores all the individual contacts, such as customers, suppliers or employees. By default, the first record is the Administrator. To add a new contact click the Add New button, and then complete the details as required. If the contact is an employee tick the checkbox as required.

The tabbed section allows for additional addresses, records any notes or messages related to the contact, and any discounted pricing structure, both globally or for individual products. All orders placed by the customer gets recorded under the orders tab, together with deliveries under the shipping tab.

The Account tab details all the invoices for that contact, and the option to set up a credit account if required. Click on the create account button takes you to the credit account subsection. Here you can set the credit limit and payment terms. Click on the Acc Approval tab to enter any references, banking details and approve the account. Click done to return back to the contacts module.

The document tab allows the attachment of scanned documents or images to be logged via the document submodule.
Printable labels and reports are available from the options button.

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