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This option is applicable if you are running a business, or selling reptiles. If you are keeping a reptile as a pet or have no intention of breeding reptiles then this section can be skipped and left as default.

Available Options

  • Custom Fields – There are 3 custom fields available for use in the Invoices module. As in other modules we have included these just in case you have a specific item you wish to record which has not already been covered. Here you can enter the label text for each of those fields.

  • Default Entry – This sets the default tab of the module when inputting data. The default is line entry.
  • Comments – Enter any messages at the foot of the printed documents.
  • Details on Documents – Select options that get printed on the shipping reports such as color logo, company name, and address, document title, product descriptions, etc. Place a tick in the checkbox to enable the desired options.

    Title options for outgoing and incoming documents can be selected from the dropdown lists. For example you might prefer Delivery Note rather than Shipping note

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